Outsourcing solutions


Should you be in any doubt whether your new accountant has the necessary expertise, well, you can rest assured with us.


Getting us on board means there’s no need to worry about the head accountant or controller falling ill or leaving and then having to look for a replacement.


We provide outsourcing solutions for a fixed monthly fee, meaning there’s no surprises or unexpected costs.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is about having an activity managed and performed by a third party, which is often more efficient than doing it in-house. Our outsourcing team has great knowledge and experience and takes full responsibility for its actions, so its members can be fully relied upon. View the types of clients we’ve worked with. Outsourcing solutions usually include the following activities:

  • Bookkeeping and related reporting (in accordance with Czech regulations or IFRS), setting up and maintaining accounting procedures in accordance with the group’s rules and in compliance with legislation;
  • Keeping a complete tax agenda;
  • Payroll processing and HR management;
  • Controlling; 
  • Reporting to the group in accordance with its needs; 
  • Preparing an audit and working with auditors;
  • Processing consolidation data;
  • Applications for grants or other forms of co-funding and the settlement of amounts;
  • Cash flow management, economic and financial management;
  • Setting up and changing internal processes, as needed;
  • Implementing an enterprise information system;
  • Selecting candidates for financial work positions (tests, interviews and comprehensive evaluation with recommendation or not for the position).

How outsourcing functions in real life for accounting (economic management) departments 

Our team assumes all the responsibilities of the accounting (economic management) department. They agree with the client on the working arrangements, i.e. a schedule as to when the team will be at the client’s office and work remotely, whether to involve internal staff, meetings the team shall attend, and so on. Team members often use email addresses associated with the client, just like regular employees, or our dedicated email address for clients.
We provide outsourcing solutions at companies and organisations of various sizes. Sometimes these are large manufacturing companies where SAP is frequently applied as an enterprise information system, and the resultant processes are linked to those of the given group. In other cases, medium-sized businesses take advantage of outsourcing, where systems such as Navision, ABRA and Helios are employed and processes occur locally. Non-profit organisations use a variety of minor information systems that highlight economic matters relevant to them, including the management of financial resources.

Why outsource? 

We are a team of professionals – constantly learning and keeping abreast of the latest developments in accounting, tax and payroll. Since we are ultimately responsible for processing, your organisation is free to fully concentrate on its activities.

We are also here for those looking for someone to handle the complete finances of an organisation, rather than facing the hassle of arranging individual economic services. We work as a functional, financial department as if part of the company or organisation.

What members of the team get involved in outsourcing?

Who do we work with?


  • Manufacturing/trading companies, service companies
  • Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, European companies, general partnerships 
  • Independent companies, subsidiaries or parent companies of Czech groups, companies in multinational/international groups, companies listed on the stock exchange
  • Housing/social cooperatives
  • Investment funds
  • Trust funds
  • Natural persons – entrepreneurs

Non-governmental non-profit organisations

  • Foundations, endowment institutes
  • Societies, unions, associations, incl. associations of legal entities
  • Registered institutes, public benefit corporations
  • Church organisations – primary organisations, unions, special purpose institutions (diaconates/charities)
  • Public research institutions, public tertiary educational facilities, school legal entities
  • Political movements
  • Hunting communities

Organisations fully funded/co-funded from public budgets

  • Organisations co-funded from public budgets and established by a municipality/self-governing region/state
  • Towns and municipalities, voluntary associations of municipalities

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