Having an international dimension is crucial today. As a member of the MSI Global Alliance, 22HLAV is ready to provide assistance in over 100 countries.
Filip Konětopský
When it comes to auditing, our goal and yours are the same: financial outputs have to be a true and fair representation of reality. Move closer to this goal through entering into long-term cooperation with us, since mutual endeavour makes everything go smoothly.
Veronika Fuková
This is no such thing as a stupid question.
There are only stupid answers. I shall do my utmost not to reply in that way.
Honza Černý
I like to look for routes out of the labyrinth of taxation. Let’s find the best option for you!
Tomáš Doležel
There’s no need to tackle difficult decisions alone about the future of your business.
We’d be glad to assist you with transformation of your company and valuation of its shares or as an entity. After all, making a connection is just the beginning, meeting up moves things on and cooperation brings success.
Martin Bohata
I relish a challenge, and there’s no such thing as “impossible”. Accounting is my hobby, and the work only makes sense when it helps someone out.
Marie Skramuvská
I believe two heads (or more) are better than one.
Solutions come about through mutual, symbiotic cooperation with you. Get in touch and together we’ll figure things out.
Vítek Vagner
It’s fun to find new ways and means to surmount challenges without a frown. Leave your payroll headaches to us.
Ivana Doubková
I like organisations and people that find meaning in their work and seek a better world for everyone. I respect enthusiastic individuals who ask “Why?” and demand an answer. No matter if an NPO or something else entirely, connect with us so we can set sail together.
Mirka Nebuželská

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“The best cooperation I could ever imagine. They are true professionals with great knowledge and participate in changing legislation, all with a very kind and human approach and a willingness to advise. They’re able to find every single error, but I don’t know how they manage it! This means we can rest assured that there’s complete accuracy in our accounting and reporting. I have experience of other auditors, and the difference is incomparable. I highly recommend 22HLAV.”

“22HLAV has been providing comprehensive accounting and tax services to us for years now. They handle payroll, prepare new employee contracts, cooperate with the auditor and communicate with the various authorities. We appreciate their incredible expertise and professionalism, reliability, speed and the individual approach taken. We’re satisfied with the high level of service they provide, and the friendly and professional behaviour of their staff. Their services come recommended by us!”

“We’ve been cooperating with 22HLAV for years. We appreciate the expertise, professional approach, quality and speed of service, as well as their understanding of our needs.”

“We greatly appreciate your expertise, and the opportunity to come to you at any time for advice or consultation. Having been satisfied with our cooperation with you, we recommend your services to others.”

“We have been working with the 22HLAV team for a long time in connection with auditing the financial statements of the Ronald McDonald House Endowment Fund. Our activities align with those of non-profit organisations, such as the collection of public money and donations from corporations or individuals. The 22HLAV team has extensive practical experience of these matters and understands them very well, so is able to proceed very efficiently with the audit. The 22HLAV team is always willing to consult us on any non-standard transactions, such as various voluntary property transfers relating to our Ronald McDonald House project, sharing the breadth of their experience with us and giving clear recommendations.”

“We have many years of excellent experience with 22HLAV. The annual voluntary audit just scratches the surface of what our cooperation encompasses. The experts at 22HLAV also provide training and consultancy for member organisations. Together we fine-tune our positions during the process of legislative comment. In the field of accounting, taxation and other such things in non-profit organisations, ‘many are called, but precious few chosen’. NPOs are quite specific in some ways, and very few people have the necessary know-how. As for 22HLAV, we can truly state that not only do they know how to go about things, but they’re also the best at them.”

“On behalf of the Czech Architecture Foundation and myself, I highly appreciate the quality of the audits and the superior services provided by them during the year.”

"MALFINI has been cooperating since its establishment with 22HLAV. In addition to auditing services, we also take advantage of consultancy and training. We appreciate the excellent cooperation, professionalism, expertise, reliability and speed of responses by them to any questions we have. It’s important to mention the friendliness of their communication, and the capacity they have to tackle even the most complex problems with valuable insight. The fact that we do business in dozens of European countries and in Asia highlights that the issues encountered can be anything but simple. Thanks for the great service. We highly recommend 22HLAV."

"What we appreciate the most about 22HLAV is the professional cooperation they provide during audits, which we are very satisfied with. Their personal approach and willingness to deal with various difficulties is also important to us."

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