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Leave it to us, we will map out what’s needed and devise a solution


Overseeing the proper setup of GDPR, proactively responding to risks and resolving any incidents

We will help you ensure compliance with European Directives and Czech legislation pertaining to GDPR. We analyse, implement and verify matters. Our team advises on what can and can’t be done, and on how to meet GDPR obligations in contracts or on the web. View the types of clients we’ve worked with.

How a comprehensive implementation of GDPR takes place

  • We conduct an initial consultation, discerning the state of readiness of the company/organisation for GDPR and how demanding and extensive the procedure shall be for such compliance.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) – we conduct an on-site analysis at the company/organisation, focussing on aspects such as what data is processed, for whom and for what purpose, where and by whom they are processed and how they are secured.
  • We prepare a guideline describing the processing of personal data at the company/organisation in accordance with GDPR.
  • We provide induction training, familiarising employees with guidelines or changes in procedure.
  • We apply our breadth of practical experience with implementing GDPR, especially at small and medium-sized commercial and manufacturing companies and various types of non-governmental non-profit organisations. We handle the processing of personal data for the purposes of donations, donor databases, data for newsletters, photographic documentation of events, and so on. 

What else do we do? 

  • Consultation is given on the company’s/organisation’s readiness for GDPR and discussion covers the approach that should be taken to secure GDPR compliance.
  • We conduct analysis in the form of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA).
  • The services of a GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) are offered, either as a mandatory or voluntary function. The Data Protection Officer is available for communication with the Data Protection Authority and for consultation throughout the year. They assess compliance with GDPR once a year and provide a written opinion on the company’s/organisation’s compliance with it.

What members of the team are expert at GDPR?

Miroslava Nebuželská

auditor; accounting expert; ACCA; CISA; CEO & senior executive; a specialist in auditing, accounting, taxation, business valuations and managerial economics

Who do we work with?


  • Manufacturing/trading companies, service companies
  • Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, European companies, general partnerships 
  • Independent companies, subsidiaries or parent companies of Czech groups, companies in multinational/international groups, companies listed on the stock exchange
  • Housing/social cooperatives
  • Investment funds
  • Trust funds
  • Natural persons – entrepreneurs

Non-governmental non-profit organisations

  • Foundations, endowment institutes
  • Societies, unions, associations, incl. associations of legal entities
  • Registered institutes, public benefit corporations
  • Church organisations – primary organisations, unions, special purpose institutions (diaconates/charities)
  • Public research institutions, public tertiary educational facilities, school legal entities
  • Political movements
  • Hunting communities

Organisations fully funded/co-funded from public budgets

  • Organisations co-funded from public budgets and established by a municipality/self-governing region/state
  • Towns and municipalities, voluntary associations of municipalities

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